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NDS öğrencilerinin Londra gezisi

NDS’den yirmi beşi 11.Sınıf; diğerleri 9 ve 10. Sınıflardan olmak üzere otuz beş öğrenci, İngilizce öğretmenleri Esra Elbeyli ve Gizem İnanç ile birlikte 14-20 Mayıs 2014 tarihleri arasında kenti gezmek üzere Londra’ya gitti.

Oldukça yoğun olan gezi programında Parlamento Binası, Buckingham Sarayı, Shakespeare’in Globe Tiyatrosu uzun ziyaret listenin sadece bir bölümünü oluşturuyordu.

Öğrencilerimiz Harry Potter’in stüdyosunu, Bilim Müzesindeki sergileri, Tate, Çağdaş Sanat Müzesi ve ünlü Madame Tussauds Balmumu Müzesini keşfettiler.

Yerel pazarlarda dolaşmak ve diğer geziler herkesin çok hoşuna gitti.
Bu Londra gezisi, kuşkusuz tüm katılımcıların belleğinde çok güzel bir anı olarak kalacaktır.

Geziye katılan öğrencilerden Alper Benardete İngilizce olarak geziyi anlatıyor:

In May, we went to London for a school trip with 35 students and our two English teachers.
We had a wonderful week which we will never be forgotten. The daily schedule was very full and demanding ; leaving the hotel at 8 in the morning and returning back almost at midnight. Exhausted ,but never yielding to complete the daily programme.

We were lucky to have two understanding and disciplinary teachers who dealt with 35 of us gently and friendly, altough we « sometimes » were late ; to reschedule was not that easy for them.

Mrs.Elbeyli knows London very well, so we were very well guided. As London is a very big and beatiful city, there are many places to visit; therefore we wanted to see them all. We forced our luck to attend as many cultural and entertaining activities as we could.

We visited The Buckingham Palace, The Houses of the Parliament, Shakespeare’s Globe Theatre, London Eye, London Experience, Harry Potter Studios and many other plces that I can’t even name. One evening we were taken to « The Medieval Banquet » where we had an opportunity to be with « Henry VIII and his court » and breathe in the Middle Age atmosphere with authentic food, costumes and entertainment. It was an unforgettable evening for all of us as we had studied these aspects in our English course this year. In addition to this, another thrilling event was to visit the Houses of the Parliament where we asked ourselves the following question : « Why not be a member of the Turkish parliament one day ? »

Once again, we realized the importance of the people governing a country. This trip was really magnificient. I would like to thank our teachers Gizem İnanç and Esra Elbeyli,who with their dynamic and amusing personalities and our school for turning this trip into a great experience for all us. I also hope that next year my friends who couldn’t attend the trip will have a second chance.



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