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Candidate Selection

The candidates of the International Piano Competition -Istanbul Orchestra’ Sion must send their recordings (DVD or audiovisual file) to the Competition Organizing Board whose members will proceed to select the candidates for competition. This recordings must be of good technical quality; the face and hands of the candidate must be clearly seen. The length of the recordings should not exceed 20 minutes and must comprise a part of the program that the candidate will later play during the eliminatory rounds of the competition.

These recording must be submitted to the Competition Administration at the latest on the 1st of June 2017.

by E-Mail:

or by post (postmark attesting):
International Piano Competition Istanbul - Orchestra’Sion
Notre Dame de Sion Fransız Lisesi
Cumhuriyet Cad. 127 Harbiye
34373 Istanbul Turkey

Applicants will be informed of the result of the selection before June 15, 2017. The selected candidates will receive an application form which will have to be returned by July 1, 2017. The selected applicants are required to pay a none-refundable application fee of 100 euros, upon applying.

About the application fee:
Only the selected candidates are expected to pay the registration fee. The payment can be made through bank transfer (the account details will be sent by e-mail) or through this website.

Online payement