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Writer, editor, festival organizer

After studying the piano and musicology, Jean-Yves Clément got a Phd in philosophy (Nietzsche and the art), and became a collection manager for the cherche midi from 1990 to 2012. There he started a new collection called amor fati, and his publications include previously unpublished works by Alain-Fournier, Nietzsche (Ecrits de jeunesse and Correspondance with Cosima Wagner), Jules Renard, etc.

He became the Artistic director of the Fêtes Romantiques de Nohant from 1995 and of the Rencontres Internationales Frédéric Chopin, created in 1997 (both joined in the Festival de Nohant in 2010), and in this particular context he founded the Pelléas Prize which is awarded to “the best piece of writing dedicated to music”.

In 2000, he established Les Romantiques d’Ars, a multidisciplinary event based at the Castle of Ars, near Nohant.

In 2002, he set up the Lisztomanias of Châteauroux, a Franz Liszt International Meeting. He was the artistic director of this event and of the Lisztomanias International, which he created in 2012 to share the spirit of Liszt’s music in the world.

J.-Y. Clément was also the artistic director of the festival Chartres en plein chant (2004 and 2005), and a consultant for the Futurs de l’écrit, which took place in the abbey of Noirlac in 2007

J.-Y. Clément is a Conference speaker, a concert presenter, a creator of literature and music shows, a reciter, the animator on a channel of Radio France from 1996 to 2008, a professor in the Michel Onfray Universite populaire (in Caen). He is also the conceptor and artistic director of the Journées Nationales du Livre et du Vin, which were first launched in Saumur in 1996. Every year during this event several awards are given to pieces of literature that “celebrate the charm of french hedonism”. 
He also gives recitals of his own texts written about music : Variations Chopin, Nuits de l’âme (poems on the Nocturnes by Frédéric Chopin, ordered by Brigitte Engerer), texts about Les Sept dernières paroles du Christ by Haydn, Via Crucis by Liszt, etc.

In 2013, with the editor Christophe Rémond he started his own publishing house, broad-based and independant, called Le Passeur éditeur, in which he works as the Vice-President and editorial Director.
J.-Y. Clément received the “Doha Arabic Cultural Capital” Prize in November 2010 for his “contributions to the cultural French romanticism”.

In 2011, he was nominated “Chief Commissioner for Liszt Year in France” by the Minister of Culture Frédéric Mitterrand. Subsequently, he was given the two higher presidential and governmental distinctions in the arts by the Hungarian state.

He also received the “Liszt” Prize in the Grottammare Festival (Italy) for his work on the hungarian composer and his actions during the Liszt Year (August 2012).

In January 2012, J.-Y. Clément received official recognition for his work and was made Officier dans l’Ordre des Arts et des Lettres by the Minister of Culture Frédéric Mitterrand.

Publications :
- 1990 : Propos-Exutoires (cherche midi)
- 1999 : De l’aube à midi (cherche midi)
- 2005 : Variations Chopin, Quarante-huit Préludes (Lancosme editor)
- 2008 : 111 Notes d’amour, Variations (cherche midi)
- 2010 : Les deux âmes de Frédéric Chopin (Presses de la Renaissance) 
- 2010 : Nuits de l’âme, recueil de poèmes d’après les 21 Nocturnes de Frédéric Chopin (cherche midi)
- 2011 : Franz Liszt ou La dispersion magnifique (Actes Sud, also published in Hungary in 2012)
- 2012 : Le Chant de toi, Ode (cherche midi)
- 2013 : La raison des sortilèges (Autrement), Interviews about music with the philosopher Michel Onfray
- 2013 : De l’aube à midi, triptych of aphorisms (Le Passeur)
- 2013 : Suite Lyrique, with the painter Jean-Marc Brunet, (Le Passeur)
- 2015 : Alexandre Scriabine ou l’Ivresse des sphères (Actes Sud)
- 2016 : Glenn Gould ou le Piano de l’esprit (Actes Sud)

Pierre Thilloy composed music from aphorisms by J.-Y. Clément, in Mysterium Conjunctionis for seven instruments and one mezzo-soprano (2005). He also created Le Chant de toi, for soprano singer and piano, in March 2014.
The composer Dominique Dupraz also wrote « Chants » from Chant de toi (september 2014).