Lycée Notre Dame de Sion

Cumhuriyet Caddesi 127 Harbiye 34373 Istanbul - Tel:+90 (212) 219 16 97


The competition will include four public events

Repertoire requirements for the First Round

(should not exceed 20 min.)
1- a prelude and fugue from Bach
2- a study of choice from Chopin, Liszt, Rachmaninov, Scriabin, Prokofiev, Bartok, Ligeti
3- one work of competitor’s choice (should not exceed 7 min.)

Repertoire requirements for the Second Round

(should not exceed 30 min.)
1- A classical sonata without repetition (Haydn, Mozart, Beethoven)
The jury reserves the right to request a partial performance of the works presented (one or more movements) or the complete sonata.
2- A work to be selected from the following list:
- Paganini Variations Op.35 Book I
- Paganini Variations Op.35 Book II
- Ballade No 1 Op.23
- Ballade No 4 Op.52
- Variations sérieuses Op.54
- Scarbo (Gaspard de la Nuit)
- Alborada del grazioso
- Toccata Op.7

Repertoire requirements for the Third Round

(should not exceed 45 min.)

1- two works from two different historical periods from the following: Classic - Romantic - Modern.
2- A work written after 1950 (which can be played with score).
(This work must be a representative 20th century one with contemporary style.)

Repertoire requirements for the Fourth Round

A concerto to be selected from the following list:
- Concerto n°2 in B flat major Op.19
- Concerto n°3 in C minor Op.37
- Concerto n°4 in G major Op.58
- Ballade Op.19
- Symphonic Variations
- Concerto No 15 in b flat major KV450
- Concerto No 17 in G major KV453
- Concerto No 20 in D minor KV466
- Concerto No 21 in C major KV467
- Concerto No 23 in A major KV488
- Concerto No 27 in b flat major KV595
- Concerto in A minor Op.54